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Equity CT
Creating learning opportunities to build an actionable understanding of equity, and to empower action and civic engagement in order to consciously dismantle systemic inequity.
Fairfield Education Association (FEA) Antiracism Committee (ARC)
We are teachers ready, willing, and able to transform Fairfield Public Schools into an anti-racist institution from the classroom out.
Fairfield & Friend Racial Justice Book Club
Designed to help one another and educate one another on the topic of racism in hopes of eliciting some change in our own beliefs and spreading the newfound education throughout the community. 

Fairfield Equity Coalition

A youth-led organization taking local action to advocate for educational equity. 

Fairfield Yabantu
Activism committed to disrupting systems of racism and classism in our communities.
PTAC Fairfield Equity Project
Parent - led, devoted to engaging parents and working with students & staff in our Fairfield Public Schools & greater Fairfield Community. Every child, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation deserves to be loved, protected, and respected.

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